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19/06/2023 News

TotalEnergies Al Reyada Energy Seminar 2023

TotalEnergies Foundation in the UAE concluded the Al Reyada Energy Seminar with great success, providing students with practical knowledge about prevailing challenges in the field of sustainability and energy.

The 2nd edition of the Al Reyada Energy seminar, held from 5th June – 12th June under the theme of “Sustainable Responsibility toward COP28 and beyond" was organized by TotalEnergies Foundation in coordination with TotalEnergies Professeurs Associés (TPA).

The seminar was hosted by Khalifa University Abu Dhabi and the Hackathon was organized in partnership with Institut Français.

More than 60 students from 7 Universities (Khalifa University, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, Zayed University, American University of Sharjah, 42 Abu Dhabi, UAE University and Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities) participated in the seminar and learned from experienced professor and other experts.

The Al Reyada Energy Seminar featured a diverse range of engaging content including, courses, meeting with experts, team building activities, field trip, workshop and a Hackathon, all linked with sustainability themes aligned with Sheikh Mohamed declaration of 2023 as the year of Sustainability.

Throughout the seminar, the students got the opportunity to increase their skills and competencies thanks to Professor Jean-Pierre CORDIER who shared his knowledge in the course “Alternative Energies and Sustainable Responsibility”. Three experts from TotalEnergies, Magalie LEMAIRE, Pierre ROMAN, and Norma-Maria AKOURY, shared their professional experience with students who were inspired by their journey.

In addition, Dr. Saeed, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering at Khalifa University, launched an opening conversation, and Kinza Mishal, Specialist, Energy and Decarbonization, gave a talk on COP28.

To complete their learning, the students visited the 42 Abu Dhabi School – an innovative and disruptive coding School - where they were introduced to 42 Abu Dhabi’s learning methodology and met Serge BRAZ, Project Developer Manager, at Electricité de France (EDF) who delivered a talk about the carbon footprint calculated in their Company. This was followed by fun 10-minute scavenger hunt activity.

To understand more about the challenge that climate change represents, the students participated in the Climate Fresk Workshop which helped them to be well prepared for the Hackathon.

The purpose of Hackathon 2023 was to think of concrete and impactful solutions to motivate university stakeholders to reduce their carbon footprint and students from diverse academic backgrounds were able to collaborate on a specific issue about the carbon footprint in their universities.

Thanks to all the activities, the seminar fostered active participation, encouraged critical thinking, offered ample networking opportunities for students to connect and build lasting relationships.

The seminar concluded with the distribution of certificates to the participants.

Winners of TotalEnergies Foundations UAE & Institut Français UAE Hackathon 2023 - for the project "Sustain-a-Ride"  - from left to right - Alreem Alshamsi, Sarah Esmail Qahtan, Asmaa Ahmad Najjar, Faizan Firoz Multani, Habibelrahman Hassan, Robiel Yemane and Abubaker Alseri.