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03/03/2020 News

Volunteers from Total join the Louvre in “Singing Tree” event

Employees from Total Solar and Total UAE Services volunteered at the grand opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi “Singing Trees” event on the 23rd and 24th of February 2020 as part of the Company Action! Program.

The installation showcases several trees that “sing” in English, Arabic, and French language songs and become louder the closer that the audience comes to interact with them.

Two volunteers, Maroua Hamoudia and Enora Martin, from Total were put in charge of a tree each and had to interact with them so the music gets louder as well as invite people in order to come experience it themselves.

The “Singing Trees” installation is a collaboration between Louvre Abu Dhabi and Théâtre du Châtelet with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Its initiative is to raise environmental awareness in the community through both artistic and educational modes. "It was a great being part of this volunteering action, it means a lot to me contributing in anything related to the environment!" said Maroua Hamoudia after participating in the event.

It was all the more exciting for our young VIE, Enora Martin. She said, “The event was attended by many UAE nationals and officials and it has raised a lot of enthusiasm, which is great”.

Click here, if you are Interested to know more about Total Foundation.

The Total Foundation program encompasses citizenship initiatives carried out every day by our sites, affiliates and corporate foundation. In keeping with our history, our businesses and our values, it is based on the following four priority areas:

  • Road Safety
  • Forests and Climate
  • Youth Inclusion and Education
  • Cultural Dialogue and Heritage