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21/03/2022 News

TotalEnergies at American University of Sharjah Careers Fair 2022


TotalEnergies participated in one of its partner universities - the American University of Sharjah's in person on campus Career Fair on 16th March 2022.

This initiative is part of Total Foundation's priority area "Youth Inclusion and Education".

TotalEnergies have a MOU with American University of Sharjah whereby it:

  • Through TotalEnergies Professeurs Associés (TPA) delivers lectures and conferences about oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical science and technology, information technology, project management and related legal, HR and contracts issues.
  • Offers short courses for students
  • Provide opportunities for student associations to participate in conference Symposia and international meetings about chemical and petrochemical science and technology.
  • Provide opportunities for participation by AUS' students at the TotalEnergies Summer School organized periodically by TotalEnergies; and/or AUS Professor(s) participation at the Energy and Education Seminar organized periodically by TotalEnergies.
  • Identify suitable students for the purpose of internships and/or recruitment with TotalEnergies
  • Participate in Career Fairs or Industry Forums in order to inform students about Oil & Gas Industry and more specifically about career opportunities with TotalEnergies.
  • Participate in specific studies of mutual interest(s) and/or Development/Research Collaboration Projects according to the need of both Parties.


The event was held to encourage and create a sustainable future for young talent, empower youth and unlock the nation's potential at the American University of Sharjah (AUS). Professionals from more than 40 local, regional and multinational organizations including TotalEnergies participated in this year's event.

The Corporate Communication and Societal team in the UAE set up a booth for undergraduates and graduated students to know more about TotalEnergies and our activities in the UAE and the available internship and job opportunities at the moment.

A continuous stream of students visited our booth as it facilitated for them to identify and apply for meaningful employment and internship opportunities.

We presented details about our activities within TotalEnergies group, TotalEnergies Foundation and TotalEnergies UAE and also shared links to TotalEnergies' Social Media platform and TotalEnergies Careers page to interact. Openings currently available within Total for external candidates were also highlighted.

TotalEnergies UAE continue supporting youth within its partner universities to achieve the objective of empowering young people.

AUS Management expressed university's sincerest gratitude for TotalEnergies' support and participation during this year's AUS Career Fair.