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17/07/2019 News

ADNOC Integrated Reservoir Management Awards

Once again this year, Assets where Total in the UAE is Asset Leader have been recognized by ADNOC Integrated Reservoir Management Awards.

Total received 1st prize (2nd year in a row) for South East Asset (ADNOC Onshore). Winning topic: "Enhancing Well Life Through Effective Water Management", 3rd prize: Umm Shaif/Nar Asset (ADNOC Offshore). Winning topic: "New reservoir management era, from arbitrary sectors to new comprehensive segments", 4th prize: Bu Hasa Asset (ADNOC Onshore)- Winning topic: "Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM): An Approach to Long-Term Production sustainability", 5th prize: Umm Shaif/Nasr Asset (ADNOC Offshore). Winning topic: "Integrated Asset Model to leverage the opportunities to increase the oil production through the network".

This is a great achievement for TOTAL UAE and owes a lot to the commitment of Total staff seconded in the Assets.

It definitely shows that Total is significantly contributing to ADNOC group activities. Also, it materializes Total EP UAE's vision to be "the strategic partner of choice for ADNOC group, through Innovation & Technology Sharing, People Efficiency & Capacity Building".