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18/06/2022 News

2nd Sustainable Participatory Workshop in TotalEnergies UAE

On June 14th, 2022, TotalEnergies UAE organized the 2nd Sustainable participatory workshop with 14 collaborators.

In continuity of the adoption of a new ambition for the Company in May 2021, the Executive Committee wished to involve the employees by launching a collaborative approach to strengthen the Company's Sustainability strategy defining new targets and indicators.

The reflections on the United Nation's Sustainability Development Goalss during Workshop #1 and the collaborative platform launched in March 2022 have enabled to identify TotalEnergies' contributions as well as proposals to go further.

During the three hours workshop, the contributors had the opportunity to understand the 4 pillars of TotalEnergies' sustainable development ambition and to propose quantifiable progress targets for TotalEnergies by 2025 considering the Sustainable Development Goals.

Following the workshops worldwide, a summary of the contributions will be presented to TotalEnergies Executive Committee in July 2022 and the progress targets will be published at the end of 2022.