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Olivier SAINCRY – Managing People and Technology with the right balance.

Senior Vice President Onshore Asset TotalEnergies E&P UAE.


Olivier Saincry is currently Senior Vice President Onshore Asset TotalEnergies E&P UAE.

Olivier started his career with TotalFinaElf in 2000 as a Project Engineer coordinating the process, conceptual design and then detailed design of the subsea separation system. Working his way up within TotalEnergies, his career spread across France, Qatar, Norway, Angola, Venezuela, Thailand, Myanmar and now in the UAE.

With a keen eye on Safety, Olivier worked on implementation of several initiatives to develop a safety culture across all companies he worked in.

An engineering graduate from ESIM (Centrale Marseille), France, Mr Saincry has also a master’s degree in Subsea Engineering from Cranfiled University, UK. With keen interest in languages, Olivier is fluent in French, English and Spanish and working on his Italian while trying himself at Chinese.

Passionate about technology, Olivier has been part of several patents and research papers during his career and always interested in innovation.


Managing Technology and People finding the right blend for our way to become a broad energy company


Managing the activities of TotalEnergies in the UAE, both as an Asset Manager and as Asset Leader handling a complex and challenging stream of requirements originating from the Joint Venture is always exciting and at the same time calls for rapid decision-making opportunities. Advancing on the strategic position of TotalEnergies within the region in terms of production, reserves and investments are key objectives in this environment.

The position opens a wider platform of working on improving the profitability of the asset with a dedicated technical support from HQ to identify new business opportunities like solarization and carbon storage. We have a good team of professionals working with us in this with development and project execution responsibilities oriented towards production increase, at the same time trying our best to keep the environment carbon neutral.


Building a core strength with Technology, Innovation and Culture

Leading teams of specialists and expert in several disciplines and working along with them to develop an innovative culture with sharp focus on Research and Development strategies is a key success factor. The energy portfolio is changing vastly and widely. What we envisaged a decade ago is not what we experience now. Improved technical standards and their rapid transformation play an important role in this scenario. To achieve the same, we need to keep a pro-active approach with ability to communicate and negotiate and cascade our ideas and plans well with our counterparts and team members.








"In our day-to-day life, we will always have opportunities to overcome challenges in a sustainable way.  It is great to see a team that put in a lot of energy with self-awareness as key to improving our contribution. It is essential to take some time off from our daily routines and reflect on what is expected of us to ensure success."