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14/03/2017 News

Launch of Dugong and Seagrass Research Toolkit

A two-day seagrass and dugong technical workshop was held in Abu Dhabi following the Third Meeting of Signatories (MOS3) to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation and Management of Dugongs and their Habitats throughout their Range (Dugong MOU).

The workshop is organized in collaboration with the CMS Dugong MOU Secretariat, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), TOTAL and Total Abu Al Bukhoosh.

Dr. Thani Bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment for the United Arab Emirates, inaugurated the forum, which was also attended by H.E. Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, Secretary General of Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, Dr Bradnee Chambers, Executive Secretary of Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) AND Hatem Nuseibeh, President Total E&P UAE and Group Representative in the UAE.

Attended by researchers, conservation practitioners and marine resource managers, the workshop will help participants identify how and when to apply different research tools, such as the Dugong and Seagrass Research Toolkit, methods for the conservation of seagrass ecosystems and the animals upon which they depend such as dugongs. In addition, the workshop encourages the collection of standardized and scientifically robust data on dugong populations, seagrass ecosystems and the related coastal communities.

Mr. Hatem Nuseibeh, President Total E&P UAE and Group Representative in the UAE, commented, “Total is proud to be part of this forward looking initiative. We have been partners with EAD for over a decade as part of our commitment to being a better and responsible citizen. I take this opportunity to congratulate EAD on their professionalism and their continuous efforts to protect the environment and introduce modern and efficient tools to reach our shared objective of ensuring the protection of the environment we live and operate in.”

During the two day Capacity Building Workshop On Applying Research Tools To Seagrass And Dugong Conservation, Sultan Al Hajji held an interactive session on Total's reason for funding dugong work, focusing on how it helps Total, what values are leveraged in the relationship with EAD in the name of dugongs, why corporate entities get involved and how applicants might make a project appealing to them.