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13/05/2018 News

Great response to Total’s participation at RDPETRO 2018

ADNOC hosted RDPETRO 2018 on May 9 and 10, 2018. The opening of the Research & Development Petroleum Conference & Exhibition was attended by more than 1500 delegates from different parts of the world.

Total, as a Platinum Sponsor with a dedicated stand at the exhibition showcased it’s R&D expertise on:

  • METIS (Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System)
  • The ALBION project
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • The Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean Féger (CSTJF) in Pau

More than 500 delegates attended the RDPETRO Awards ceremony held on the inaugural day evening, celebrating research and development (R&D) that provided creative solutions to oil and gas challenges, and maximises value.

Khadija Al Daghar, RDPETRO Steering Committee member, opened the awards ceremony and acknowledged the hard work that went into the submissions of R&D abstracts, proposals and ideas. She also reflected on the commitment required in putting an international event of this calibre together, highlighting the great efforts of all partners, sponsors and technical committees engaged in turning RDPETRO 2018 into reality.

In conference abstract categories’, Pierre-Olivier Lys from Total won the award for the Most Innovative Abstract for “METIS - a Disruptive R&D Project to Revolutionise Land Seismic Acquisition."

5 projects from Total were also short-listed for R&D funding:

  1. Oliver Ruau / /Production Allocation using Geochemistry
  2. Atef Onaisi / Integrated geomechanics for optimized and safe reservoir and wells management
  3.  Frank Despinois / Advanced Petroleum Lithium Extraction Technology – APLET Project
  4. Matthieu Jacob / Produced water desalination by liquid-liquid extraction
  5. François Gelin / Masozoic Source Rock Hydrocarbon Generation Modeling

A Chief Technical Officers Summit with representatives from companies discussing on "Disrupting the O&G industry through Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence".  For Total, Dr. Vincent Saubestre, VP Strategy & Intelligence, Corporate R&D, was a speaker at this session held on the opening day.

Qasem Al Kayoumi, Chairman RDPETRO 2018 and ADNOC’s Technical Center Unit Manager, toured the Total stand at the exhibition and thanked Total for it’s support for the success of the RDPETRO 2018.

At the conference Total’s speakers presented at the following key sessions:

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Technical Session 1: Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery I - Selection of CO2-soluble surfactants for CO2 foam/emulsion in hot and salty carbonate reservoirs - Mr. Leyu Cui, Total

Technical Session 2: Advanced Geophysical Technologies in Carbonates - METIS, a disruptive R&D project to revolutionize land seismic acquisition - Mr. Pierre-Olivier Lys, Total

Technical Session 3: Gas Processing I - A journey to excellence for Hysweet? : From laboratory to industrial proved applications - Dr. Jing Zhao, Total

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Industry Session 2: UPSTREAM: The Innovation Imperative in Drilling and Operations - Dr Vincent Saubestre, Total

Session 10: Reservoir Characterization and Modeling II - Ultra-fast capillary pressure and Resistivity measurements - Dr. Benjamin Nicot, Total

Technical Session 15: Gas Processing III - How R&D can bring membrane technology to the next level? - Dr. Phuc-Tien Thierry, Total