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17/06/2019 News

Total Industry Mobility comes to the UAE


The Total Industrial Mobility (TIM) program aims to provide our frontline operational teams with mobile devices on which apps co-developed with the sites have been downloaded from a dedicated industrial app store.​​

Total recognises the benefits derived from a Digital Industry, a key aspect of being the enhanced operator. This vision offers a more autonomous operational environment enhancing Safety, Operational Efficiency and Availability.

As part of its Digital Roadmap, Total launched in June 2016 Total Industrial Mobility, a mobile device for operational activities performed by any workers in a mobility situation on site.

The main goal is to ease the processes of data copying but its aim is also to enhance safety, reduce costs, improve asset availability, increase efficiency and modernize ways of working. 

Mobility is not new to Total ABK and in February 2019, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh became the 36th affiliate of Total to receive the devices. Provided with 20 devices (including 5 devices with photo camera), operators and maintenance staff have been using TIM on site since then.

Through the use of TIM is aimed to reduce number of small scale offshore surveys, provide faster access to personnel as well as expert assistance for troubleshooting and improve response time to breakdowns through more immediate diagnosis.