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03/03/2020 News

Total Industrial Mobility (TIM) - A year @TotalABK - Digitalisation & Innovation at its best!

Total is continuously transforming the industrial mobility, but people are still the key focus of digital processes. Total Industrial Mobility (TIM) is a One Total program for its Exploration and Production, Refining & Chemicals and Marketing and Services branches.

Objectives of TIM is:

  • to deliver mobile services for operational activities performed by any worker in a mobility situation on site in order to:
    • enhance safety, improve asset availability, modernize ways of working, increase efficiency
    • data capture on site (paperless)
    • remote access to documentation/data

Operators out in the field used to have to note everything on paper, and then input the data later.

Some or all of this information could get lost or taken a long time to get to the attendant recipient.

The TIM Program equips operators through Smart Devices. They can use these devices to access a whole range of shared Total apps. Operators can use this simple & user-friendly app to digitize part of their work routine and share information with other employees in real time.

At Total ABK Field, we use My Shift and My Safety applications.

For example, the My Shift app can be used when carrying out regular field checks.  The operator inputs daily readings directly into the app.

The My Safety app can be used to take problem related photos that enables field incidents to be resolve faster.

TIM program apps aim to add value to the routine tasks performed by the people who work at our production sites.  The entire TIM eco-system has also been designed to boost operational performance and improve the safety of people and assets.

In a nutshell, the app simplifies and accelerates data gathering, because it can be done during routine visits and can be uploaded to the system immediately.

Lastly, TIM encourages teamwork and collective intelligence.

We are constantly designing new apps to keep the TIM program in phase with user needs.

These applications are agile, iterative and focus on clear specific uses.

We are committed to four key principals always start with a need out in the field, merge into existing processes, make sure employees are on board every step of the way, release a first version of an app A.S.A.P and then work on making it better.

TIM is already in use at Onshore and Offshore Total sites throughout the world.

A year with [email protected]:

We are currently working on further enhancements and feasibilities for optimal use of it, not only in the UAE but in the Group level.

Last year, in February 2019, the flying team was on ABK to deploy TIM and to provide training for the end-users. 45 users were trained and in one year, 5,164 reports have been sent through TIM and we have canceled 3 RFM for instrumentation.

Our next goals in 2020 are to:

  • Troubleshoot the users access to the device (Digital Pass, training, management of change).
  • Follow up the deployment on the peripherals.
  • Collect the annuli pressure to prevent any increase in pressure. (Collection of data is essential to automatize the process)

We take this opportunity to congratulate our colleagues behind the success of TIM project implementation in the UAE.