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06/11/2020 News

Sismage-CIG, for Advanced Understanding of Complex Geological Targets

ADIPEC 2020 Virtual will be held from 9-12 November 2020.

In its Virtual exhibition stand, Total is proud to present Sismage-CIG, for Advanced Understanding of Complex Geological Targets


Sismage-CIG is an integrated platform accessible to all our geoscientists. It allows them to locate and evaluate oil prospects and then, after drilling and discovery, to carry out an entire field reservoir study.

This platform maximizes the synergy between geoscience and reservoir engineering expertise, which is critical in order to capture the main heterogeneities of increasingly complex geology systems.

Sismage-CIG has clear competitive advantages:

  • This proprietary station and its bespoke tools have no equivalent from commercially available modeling software programs. It gives us a head start for interpreting and building geological models.
  • Its development process has always been user-driven, to efficiently meet their particular needs.
  • New innovations from our R&D are quickly integrated into Sismage-CIG, with a yearly update of the platform.


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Do you wish to know more about it. Welcome to contact:  Philippe RUELLAND 

Wish to contact, Total team in the UAE, email to : Corporate Communication and Societal team

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