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06/11/2020 News

EOR Polymer - The next generation of EOR Polymer by ADNOC and Total

ADIPEC 2020 Virtual will be held from 9-12 November 2020.

In its Virtual exhibition stand, Total is proud to present EOR Polymer - The next generation of EOR Polymer by ADNOC and Total

Total is a pioneer in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques and has crossed yet another technological threshold by successfully completing tests to inject a new-generation polymer into an onshore carbonate reservoir in the Middle East.   

The process of EOR by polymer flooding is well-known worldwide for boosting oil recovery and maximizing production, with a low carbon footprint. However, the low-permeability oil fields in the United Arab Emirates, where the temperature exceeds 120°C and the salt content is over 240g/l, raise considerable new challenges!

Total set out to tackle them by developing an innovative polymer in collaboration with SNF Floerger, ADNOC joining in 2019. Combined with the SIWAP+/Polymer Seal new technology, this solution has proved to be promising enough simulation-wise to envisage a project on a larger scale.

In the near future, several challenging fields may benefit from this world first technology!


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EOR Polymer


Do you wish to know more about it. Welcome to contact:  Philippe CORDELIER

Wish to contact, Total team in the UAE, email to : Corporate Communication and Societal team

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