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05/11/2020 News

EnHM - the Ensemble History Matching method

History matching to the next level

In the Oil and Gas industry, every drop has value.  At Total Exploration & Production, this is how we see data. 

To ensure optimal output of a reservoir, we make the most of all available data from our first moments on a field to the very last moments of extraction.

Today, the Ensemble History Matching method (enHM), designed by our R&D takes us further than ever before. Unique in the industry, this ensemble method, using state-of-art algorithmic approaches and an automated process, enables us to complete the uncertainty workflow and make robust predictions about the future of reservoirs, by integrating historical data from an operating field in an iterative manner. That means it can calibrate not one, but hundreds of reservoir models simultaneously, with the top precision level and geological and geophysical coherency.

No more history matching on a single model, no more artificial modifications, even on huge complex fields in the Middle East, with a very large number of the wells, history uncertain parameters, requiring many trials and errors. 

Our entire process is digitalized, integrated and available from anywhere in the world. Thanks to a chain of in-house expertise and tools, we connect you with reliable models to sustain production, maximize recovery and speed up redevelopment of your fields, in a safe, cost and environmental effective way. So that, you too, can recover every last drop.


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