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Assma – Committed to Total and society

Assma Gosaibat


Forward-thinking companies, such as TotalEnergies in the UAE, embed sustainability into the center of their business operations to generate shared value for the company as well as the society. Assma, leader and manager of Total’s E&P’s Corporate Affairs Department, is therefore not only responsible in maintaining a synergy between the company and its host country but also between the department and its employees in relation to their homeland, knowing that diversity is prevalent in Total E&P UAE.

Society is our responsibility 

TotalEnergies in the UAE’s core social purpose is aligned with the company’s objectives and Abu Dhabi’s vision 2030 related to societal developments in the UAE, creating a cohesive CSR strategy; the 5 pillars of Total E&P UAE focus on developing human capacity, creating relationships within the community, as well as nurturing cultural, environmental and humanitarian initiatives. We are committed to sustainability and work hard to ensure that our activities create value across the environment, society and the economy through long-term sustainable partnerships. The objectives are achieved by integrating environmental, social and economic performance, creating value for TotalEnergies’s stakeholders in the process. The many outreach initiatives supported by TotalEnergies in the UAE illustrate the company’s commitment to sustainability at a grass roots level.

One of our means to ensure sustainability and social responsibility is by engaging with community related initiatives, connecting our stakeholders and the public, targeting all segments. From Abu Dhabi to the Western Region, the Emirates Foundation represents a unique, multi-sector effort to create new opportunities for the people of the UAE through youth development, raising awareness and giving back to the community by its humanitarian actions. 

As an oil and gas company, the Corporate Affairs Department is responsible for assuring the host country of the company’s awareness concerning the environment. As part of this objective, in collaboration with the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, TotalEnergies has been a key partner in the Dugong Conservation Research Project.

TotalEnergies in the UAE is not a novice when it comes to cultural societal initiatives either; it considers promoting arts as an essential aim in the CSR strategy. For instance, Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Federation, (ADMAF) and La Femis Film Academy are part of TotalEnergies’s contributions to inspire citizenship engagement.

Total E&P UAE is also prominent in most universities found in Abu Dhabi, as a result of the MOUs and partnerships, which explains the company’s interest regarding education and academic development.

Humanitarian causes interest Total E&P UAE as well, mainly through national volunteerism and charity. That is where our stakeholders take a huge role in collaborating with our humanitarian initiatives, targeted internally and externally, such as the Spirit of Giving initiative, where our employees donate to a humanitarian cause for those in need. This shows that our company’s employees are encouraged to participate in what we have to offer in collaboration with our public and private partners.

Collaborating towards long standing commitment

Currently, TotalEnergies in the UAE is involved in 23 initiatives associating with 13 key partnerships extending to all the 7 emirates of the UAE. The list is expanding, as the Corporate Affairs Department is seeking for long-term partnerships that would grant the society the opportunity to develop and become sustainable.

The Corporate Affair Department is facing challenges, yet opportunities that assist the department in achieving their objectives as part of their duty to make a positive impact in its host country, the United Arab Emirates.  

Assma Gosaibat

“ Your work culture is your legacy to the generation that succeeds you. I want to stamp it in my own way providing more value in an efficient, economic and sustainable so that it is inherited easily”.

Short Resume


2017 April - 2019 October

Corporate Affairs Director, Total E&P UAE


2014 – March 2017

Corporate Affairs Manager, Total E&P UAE


July 2011 – July 2014

Human Resources and Internal Communication Manager, TOTAL E&P Uganda


November 2008 – June 2011

Human Resources Manager, TOTAL E&P Libya


November 2005 – November 2008

Head of Training & Support, YEMEN LNG CO. (TOTAL Project in Yemen)


November 2001 – November 2004

Career Development Department, Total E&P, Paris